CITY Camping Taniaburg

The farm at the campsite is on historical grounds.
All at the mid-16th century there was the State Taniaburg associated with a farm.
The old farmhouse was built in 1839 as a new head-neck-trunk farmhouse.
In 1995 we bought the farm with the idea to start a campsite.
Because the farm was in a dilapidated state it went to 2 years to get it back in a habitable state for our family.
After that the camp could be started.
This was inaugurated in 1998 and has grown into a caravan site with 17 places, 4 places for campers, a cabin, and a two and a five person apartment.
The campsite is situated on the outskirts of Leeuwarden in a forest and on a lake.
Around 1990 a forest was constructed north of Leeuwarden approximately 100 ha with beautiful water features.
The farm is located approximately 100 meter north of the city of Leeuwarden.