Welcome to city camping Leeuwarden

Leeuwarden has a reasonably historical city center with canals and mounds (man-made hills) dating from the middle ages.  Old store fronts and beautifully restored monuments adorn the city. Examples of these include the Oldehove a large slanted tower and the Waag an old weighing station in the middle of town.   
A walking tour through the city center is more than a trip around old buildings.  This city has remarkable canals and small streets, cozy shops and interesting museums.  
  When you look at a map from 1603 you can recognize almost every street, square, canal and building.  In the 20th century, several canals were filled in and converted into streets.  Fortunately the character of the streets surrounding these old canals has been preserved.

A day strolling through the streets of the capital of the Province of Friesland has many high points. Get to know the past and the present.