PREISE  2024 - Camping Taniaburg

Nachfolgend finden Sie die Preise für die Saison 2024 pro Nacht.

Taniaburg ist vom 1. April bis 14 oktober 2024 geöffnet.

Die Preise beinhalten keine Kurtaxe von 1,65 € pro Person und Nacht.
Die RECRON - ALLGEMEINE GESCHÄFTSBEDINGUNGEN gelten für alle Buchungen bezüglich der Stornierungsbedingungen.



2 personen / Stellplatz / Strom (6 Ampere) / Auto                               € 25,70

1 person / Stellplatz / Strom (6 Ampere) / Auto                                   € 22,35



2 personen / wohnmobil / electra (6Amp)                                         € 20,70

1 persoon / wohnmobil / electra (6Amp)                                           € 19,35


FAHRRAD/KANU - Zeltplatz (mit kleinem Zelt)

2 personen /kleinem Zelt/ FAHRRAD/KANU oid                                € 17,70

1 persoon / kleinem Zelt/ FAHRRAD/KANU oid                                € 16,85



Erwachsene                                                                                                    € 4,85

Kinder zu 12 jahre                                                                                           € 3,35

kleines Zelt mit Wohnwagen oder Wohnmobil                                                € 3,-

Hund (an der leine)                                                                                          € 3,

Extra: auto oder Anhänger                                                                              € 4,-



Wanderhütte  (exklusive Kurtaxe)

1 /2 personen                                                                                                € 50,-

3 / 4 personen                                                                                               € 60,-

Hund (an der leine)                                                                                         € 3,

Extra: auto oder Anhänger                                                                             € 4,-



Waschen                               € 4,00

Trockner                              € 5,00

Zentrifuge                      kostenlos

Dusche und Warmwasser      kostenlos





Preise für die FerienWohnung (2 Personen) 2024

Die Wohnung wird das ganze Jahr über vermietet, wobei zwischen den Preisen für die Neben-, Mittel- und Hochsaison unterschieden wird.

Die Tarife im Jahr 2024 sind wie folgt:

Die unten aufgeführten Preise beinhalten Bettwäsche, Handtücher usw.

exklusive Kurtaxe von 1,65 € pro Person und Nacht

  Woche Mitte Woche Wochenende
ZWISCHENSAISON      mo-mo     mo-fr     fr- mo
            26 februari tot en met 26 april 470 295 250
            6 mei tot en met 17 mei 470 295 250
            20 mei tot en met 30 juni 470 295 250
            30 juni tot en met 1 september 550    
            16 februari tot en met 26 februari  550 320  
            26 april tot en met 6 mei 550 320  
Pinksterweekend     WEEKEND
            17 mei tot en met 20 mei     270
             1 november tot en met 14 februari 2025
in Absprache  


Im Zeitraum vom 30. Juni bis 1. September 2024 kann die Wohnung nur pro Woche gemietet werden.

* Die Hochsaison gilt für alle Feiertage und Feiertage vor dem 30. Juni und nach dem 1. September.

In der Nebensaison kann die Wohnung auch monatsweise gemietet werden, bitte kontaktieren Sie uns.


B & B kostet € 86,70,- pro Nacht für 2 Personen exkl. Frühstück

Exl Touristensteuer € 1,65 pro Person pro Nacht


Rules regarding use of properties

Please check your order for accuracy ! ! !

The tenant is not allowed
To rent.the rented holiday accommodation to third parties
Staying with family, friends or acquaintances over the total number of 5 persons in the 5 person apartment or 2 people in 2 pers apartment is not allowed.

Pets are allowed with permission. (Charges)

Any damage caused to the holiday accommodation or establishment thereof, or things belonging,caused by the tenant,will be recovered from the tenant

The clean leave means:vacuuming, everything back in its place,
washing dishes and kitchen cleaning,
utensils clean and dry to restore in the cabinets ,fridge emptying,garbage bag in container deposit, close windows, empty bottles in glass container
Thermostat set at 10 º, leave key on the inside of the door.

The conditions under reservation to be passed are:

After Email or send a fully fills reservation form .the applicant receives a certificate of provisional booking.
Is then at least 50% of the rent due to the landlord's bank account credited within 14 or 7 days of shipment date than the applicant has a definite reservation and will continue as a tenant / user considered,
if not then the provisional booking will be canceled
then will be canceled.

Upon arrival the tenant pay,s,the remaining of the rental fee (cash)

The rental starts on the day of arrival at 14.00 and ends at the day of departure at 11:00.

The tenant must take out a cancellation insurance itself if desired.The tenant is in case of cancellation or premature terminating of the lease, the entire rental amount due.

If the agreement is terminated, the tenant clears the stay. If the tenant has failed to, the landlord is entitled to vacate the stay. The landlord is not liable for any damages of whatever kind, arising out of or in connection with vacating the stay.

Behavioral rules

Night fishing is not allowed on the campsite
Smoking in a holiday residence is prohibited. Smoke outside or on the terrace and please do not throw cigarette butts on the street or on the patios. .
It is not permitted to connect and use self-brought appliances such as stoves, ovens, deep-frying devices, etc.

The client that signing the check in form / or did the payment is liable for the correct and decent behavior of all persons in the companionship.

If any of these persons or the client is not responsible or appropriate behaves,
taniaburg has the right the client and his companionship to request to leave the holiday accommodation without  to claim any compensation.

The terms of taniaburg related to disruptions, loud music and parties are very clear: ALL ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. The holiday residence can not be used as a party space, but is intended as sleeping, eating, and relaxing accommodation.

Guests should know that if parties are held or loud music are heard, this may result in immediate eviction regardless of the time.
Upon booking, you automatically accept our terms and conditions
and take these rules.

QUIET TIME IS EVERY DAY 23.00 - 9.00 am

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter and hope you understand that these rules are necessary . The sleep of other residents respected


Neither taniaburg nor the owner of the properties is liable for direct or indirect damages resulting from use of the client of the holiday stay.
Including without limitation, damages, insurance, losses because of fires, robbery or criminal behavior.

If everything is in order, I wish you a nice stay
Hope to see you.
Johan Feenstra